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Welcome to Vanish Bruise Relief*, your new best friend for bruises!

Here's a little history on this all natural, partially organic, herbal bruise liniment. This topical liniment is made in small batches by soaking herbs for at least 3 months in alcohol. Teresa has been thoughtful by selecting only the highest quality of herbs and is working to be fully organic in the near future. 

Throughout Chinese history, Kung Fu studios used liniments to help with training injuries such as bruises, sprains and strains. They are compiled of many herbs that help move the blood, stop the pain, and decrease the inflammation. These liniments are called die da jiu’s, which translates to ‘hit fall wine.’ Each studio had their own secret recipe for this liniment.

In 2011, Dr. Teresa Wlasiuk was introduced to Wing Tsun Kung Fu. She chose this form of martial arts because it was the most practical for hand to hand combat and it was invented by a female monk. During this time, she was also completing her masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She developed bruises all over her hands and arms from training and decided she would make her own secret die da jiu. She researched old secret Shaolin formulas along with modern formulas to create her own propriety blend.  She gave her ‘Vanishing Bruise Jiu’ to her close classmates, kung fu friends, & Sifu. The feedback came in over the years that it worked amazingly well. When she started her acupuncture clinic she brewed a batch to use in the clinic. She received many praises throughout the years. 

In 2016, she broke her toe in a rock climbing accident… she wrapped her toe in toilet-paper soaked with the Vanishing Bruise Jiu overnight and the purple color and pain were almost gone the next morning. To see before and after photo click here.

In 2018, a friend suggested she sell it in a wider market and perhaps to people who get bruises from aesthetic facial injections (i.e. Botox, Juvederm), IVF hormone prep injections, & MMA or boxing gyms. Teresa somehow found itty bits of time between juggling her acupuncture clinic & being a new mother to run on the idea and now Vanish Bruise Relief* is available to everyone.

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